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Welcome to Leeds Children's Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal problems are very common in childhood and adolescence, but many can be treated successfully with physiotherapy. Leeds Children's Physiotherapy provides the opportunity to seek assessment and treatment from experts in the field of paediatric musculoskeletal injury/illness.

If your child's aches and pains are affecting their ability to play sport, attend school, or have fun, give us a call and let us see if we can help.

How to make a referral

We are able to accept any of the following referrals; self referrals, referrals from Private Medical Insurers, GP practice NHS referrals, Leeds Community Paediatrician NHS referrals and 'LTHT' Consultant NHS referrals .
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Why choose a child specialist

It is important to recognize that children are not simply 'small adults'. As the musculoskeletal system is still developing and maturing, the problems seen in children and adolescents often differ from those seen in adults.

There are a number of orthopaedic conditions which are seen only in childhood and simply do not exist in the adult population.



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